Photos of 2019 Ancient Wisdom Adventure to Greece

Photos by Melanie Ryan Adventure Photography

Reviews of 2019 Ancient Wisdom Adventure 

"The ancient healing energies of the Gods and Goddesses are very much alive! We all felt so lucky to visit these magical temples together, especially with Mother Nature’s stunning display of spring flowers! I am so grateful to Melanie, Stacey and Vivian for their thoughtful planning. From the beautiful places we stayed and the delicious food we ate, to the very special group of women who I will forever feel connected to. My journey to Ancient Greece was truly extraordinary!!! 🙏❤️🇬🇷"

Cindy, Massage Therapist & Horticulturist, Maryland

2019 Ancient Greece

"I could never have imagined how amazing and inspirational this adventure would be. Melanie, Stacey, and Vivian were our guides and put together an incredible experience. Initially unsure of how it would be traveling with a group of strangers in a foreign land, I instantly felt connected to the souls of our circle. Greece was beautiful.  The accommodations were phenomenal and the food was superb. The lessons learned were profound and personal, especially learning how to just be. I have gained so much clarity in my life since this trip. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone who is seeking a journey that goes far beyond your typical touristy vacation." 

Kim, Nurse Practitioner, New York

2019 Ancient Greece

"This is more than just a trip to Greece, it’s a life changing experience. I feel so blessed that I explored such a beautiful country with such beautiful women. As the journey unfolded, the love, knowledge, awakening and connections materialized before my eyes and it was truly magical!!!"


Tara, Veterinary Technician & Spiritual Advisor/Healer, New York

2019 Ancient Greece

"So many opportunities to share - not only about what we had experienced, or about the landscape we were seeing, but about ourselves as women, healers and journeyers. It was safe to be vulnerable, as we each knew how to meet each other's hearts with tenderness, acceptance, and, quite often, nods of acknowledgement. With Melanie's guidance, these intense and precious moments became cords of compassion connecting each to the other, and as the trip continued, our individual and collective experiences with the land and the ancients deepened, intensified, due to our bonding. We met and venerated the oldest tree in Europe. We held a fire ceremony and were drummed through journeys. We laughed often, were silent together, and through it all, I knew I was having a rare adventure, an Odyssey of my own."

Colleen from Florida, Shamanic Teacher & Death Doula, Retired English Teacher

2019 Ancient Greece