Triggers are Treasures

with Melanie Ryan, LCSW

A Workshop on How to Turn Your Wounds into Wisdom & Pain into Power


Thursday, August 26th 7pm-9pm EST

Registration: $33

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In ancient wisdom: Buddhism, shamanism and the work of Carl Jung/ shadow work, triggers are seen as a way to communicate with our shadow. Hidden within our shadow is the living energy of our past. When some pushes your button, this living energy is activated and out comes all kinds of emotion. But those emotions have nothing to do with the person in front of you, and everything to do with the hidden wounded child inside of you. 


We all have wounds that need healing. There is no shame in this. In shadow work, we are thankful for those who push our buttons, because it offers us the opportunity to become aware of ourselves. We touch and feel our wounds, examine them and become intimate with them. This allows us to heal and transmute our wounds into wisdom and pain into power. We become alchemists who turn our lead into gold. 


Avoiding our triggers has actually perpetuated the living energy of that wound which keeps the cycle of abuse going. Wounded people wound people. Avoiding triggers means we avoid our wounds. It feeds addiction, depression and even contributes to physical illness. 


Triggers truly are treasures and we want to thank those who bring the unhealed parts of ourselves into the light of our consciousness. 


In this workshop with Melanie Ryan, LCSW, psychotherapist and mystic, you will learn and practice some of the techniques she teaches in her unique shadow work method The Golden Shadow Method for awakening love and power. 


Melanie Ryan, LCSW is an international speaker, psychotherapist and mystic. She is founder & author of “The Golden Shadow Method, A Path of Awakening Your Full Human Potential.”