Summer Solstice Shamanic Journey 

Community Healing Circle

Tele-gathering with Melanie Ryan 

Saturday, June 20th 


Exchange options: $22 $33 $42

Register online or Venmo @Melanie-Ryan-33 

Join Melanie Ryan for a special solstice gathering as we celebrate nature and light. The summer solstice is the lightest day of the year and the sun is at its highest point in the sky. 

We will work with the Mayan Energy of the Day 12 TIJAX, Tijax is the obsidian blade and call in the Spiritual Guide of Merlin. Be ready for a journey of CORD CUTTING with Excalibur! We will work with Merlin and the Fairies on restoring peace and harmony, to reconnect us to Mother Nature and help us bring balance to the divine masculine and feminine energies within. 

Deadline to register - 5pm 6/20 EST
Must email MelanieRyanLCSW@gmail.com to receive instructions to enter the event. 

Melanie Ryan is a holistic psychotherapist and shamanic teacher who brings a deep knowledge of ancient wisdom, humor and authenticity to her teaching. She is founder of Ancient Wisdom Today, Inc. and has a private practice in Westchester County, NY.