Shamanism: Ancient Indigenous Medicine 
with Melanie Ryan, SRMT, LCSW

Saturday, March 17th, 2018 


Registration: $40 

Register online or call: (914)864-0462 

"Symptoms are a call to come back to yourself - to your Soul," Carl Jung, MD, Swiss Psychiatrist. Over the history of humankind, there have been medicine men and women who embody the gifts to heal mind, body, and Spirit. These men and women are called Shamans, and their healing practices awaken a deep remembering of who we are as earth and soul beings. Shamanic healing teaches us how to deeply connect to our authentic selves, release old patterns and obstacles that created symptoms in our bodies and minds. 

Come and learn some of the earth-based practices and intuitive approaches of the ancient shamans and learn how you can heal your body and your life. In this workshop we will:

  • Learn about the intelligent field that we are all connected to daily and how to use it

  • Learn about shapeshifting

  • Experience a shamanic journey

  • How to use sacred tools for healing yourself

Melanie Ryan, SRMT, LCSWR

Melanie Ryan is a Shamanic Reiki Worldwide Master Teacher, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Buddhist Meditation Teacher. She is the founder/owner of The Center for Health and Healing in Mount Kisco, NY and has over 20 years combined as a clinician, teacher, and healing practitioner. Melanie is also founder of “Root to Rise,” a program integrating Buddhist Meditation and Shamanism.