2020 Shamanic Reiki Yearlong Program

Master Teacher & Life Empowerment

with Melanie Ryan, LCSW, SRMT

Starts February 1st, 2020

Registration deadline: January 5th 2020 


The Center for Health and Healing 


2020 Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher Training & Life Empowerment Yearlong Program 


Join Melanie Ryan for a yearlong apprenticeship in the ancient healing methods of reiki and shamanism. We will meet in circle for deep connection and learning at The Center for Health and Healing in Mt. Kisco one Saturday a month. This program also involves independent practice and study at home on your own time. The yearlong program is a journey of profound soul cleansing, taking you deep into the wisdom of indigenous peoples worldwide. You may join for the Life Empowerment Track or choose the Master Teacher Training Certification Track (authorizing you to teach Shamanic Reiki Level One and Two).


The Master Teacher and Life Empowerment Yearlong Tracks BOTH emphasize personal development and empowerment that comes from attuning to nature and the Universal Life Force Energy. You will receive  information, and be guided through experiences that will help you to deepen into reiki and shamanism as well as develop a private practice business. This program cultivates the confidence and inspiration to become a uniquely gifted healer, teacher and business owner.  


The Life Empowerment Program offers many opportunities through home study and monthly meeting circles to develop a deep and intimate connection with reiki, nature, your spirit guides, and journey work. Through our time together, people experience feeling opened, and guided in new ways. It is often that the practitioner’s life’s purpose comes to the forefront. The program addresses each individual’s spiritual aspirations, simultaneously honoring the very practical aspects of how to practice Shamanic Reiki, with a strong acknowledgement and support of what comes up in our personal journey as we commit more deeply to this adventure together. This program is appropriate for those dedicated to life empowerment – but may not be certain about becoming a teacher.


The Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher (SRMT) Training offers a cleansing on the soul level. Aligning with the deeper intentions of the soul, and expanding awareness into developing as a master practitioner and  teacher. This is open to those who have received the Master Practitioner Certification or by special permission from Melanie Ryan. The choice to become an independent SRMT can reveal many new aspects of self as we evolve to understand how to ‘be’ and how to ‘live’ Reiki. The energy awakens us in an integrated way as we ‘remember’ who we truly are, and as we help others remember too. 


If you are interested in joining us, please download the application and email it as per the included instructions.



February 2020 to December 2020

Meets one Saturday a month

(Twice in February then once a month). 

Certificate Upon Successful Graduation

Exchange Amount

$2050 (credit card/paypal)

$1,995 (check or cash, save 4%)


*Special admission permission circumstances may include:

  • Those who have trained in other energetic and/or shamanic modalities and are attuned to Reiki Level Two

  • Those who have completed an intensive shamanic or apprenticeship program with other prominent shamanic teachers.

  • Current Reiki Master Teachers from another school, etc. If you feel the “calling” and are uncertain about whether you qualify, please don’t hesitate to contact Melanie Ryan  or @