The Shadow Portal Journey

with Melanie Ryan

Friday, October 30th



Registration: $33

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It's the full moon. A time when the bright light shines on the lost and hidden shadow parts of the psyche. Who and what is triggering you? 


Intense emotions are an indicator that shadow is present. In shadow work, we understand that triggers are opportunities helping us to become aware of what we have been avoiding. When we resist the shadow, it grows in power and can sabotage our relationships, our dreams. and lead to addiction, anger, depression and even narcissism. 


In this workshop, we will use the ancient form of healing called shamanic journeying to enter the portal of the shadow unconscious and retrieve the lost parts of ourselves. We will become aware and empowered to understand and heal ourselves with the wisdom received from our journey. 


Melanie Ryan is a holistic psychotherapist, Buddhist, and shamanic teacher. She will be sharing an integration of Jungian,

Buddhist and shamanic teachings from her new book, The Golden Shadow Method, soon to be released in December 2020. For more info on Melanie Ryan see her website