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14 Day Sacred Adventure to Ireland & England 

with Melanie Ryan & Tor Webster 

August 1st - August 14th 2021

All trips have been canceled due to COVID until further notice 


Registration: $3999 by check or Venmo

Credit Card payments - add 4% for fees

Email Melanie Ryan to register -


Small Group Tour 

IRELAND 7 nights (Arrive Dublin Airport)


4 nights in Dublin


Day 1 - Arrival on Sunday August 2nd – group dinner and explore Dublin


Day 2 - We will visit Newgrange, the most amazing and complete long barrow in the world where the ancients honored nature - the sun and the moon, at the solstices and equinoxes for thousands of years. Followed by a visit to Knowth Cairns.

Day 3 - Tara Well - The hill of Tara is the hub of the Druidic and Fae culture in the Celtic World. Said to be where the Tuatha De' Danu, the mythical Faery people of Goddess Danu, ascended into the other realms. We will walk, journey and meditate where our ancestors have; drink from the Holy Faery well, sing and dance to celebrate the joys of life. 

We will also visit the magical Cairns of Loughcrew where we will try to decipher the ancient artwork...and contemplate the mysteries of Tuatha De' Danu and their mysterious disappearance.

Day 4 - Kildare and the Goddess Brigid - we will visit one of the most fascinating Saints in modern mysteries and spirituality. Brigid represents the divine feminine, the Bride of Christ, Mary Magdalene, but also the much more ancient tradition go the triple Goddess. On this day we will visit her ancient springs, go into her deep stories, meditate, and discuss her origins. 

2 nights in Doolin


Day 5 - Excursion to Cliffs of Moher & Galway

We will visit the Cliffs of Moher, one of the most breathtaking sites of natural beauty. Here you can see why the ancient Saints and Goddess of Ireland saw these cliffs as God's land. 


Day 6 - We will then explore the local pubs of Doolan and Galway. 


1 night in Waterford


Day 7 – Travel to Waterford and stay one night. Dinner, pubs and music. Take Ferry next morning.


ENGLAND (6 nights)


3 nights in Glastonbury


Day 8 – Ferry to Wales, Drive to Glastonbury. Free time to explore. 


Day 9 – Avalon. Discover The Quest of Avalon and be transported back 2000 years, through the mists and magic of time. Learn of the legends of Jesus and his family, the early Christians, Pagans and Druids and places of spiritual initiation. 


Be transported into a timeless dream, seeing the ancients magically erect the stone circle and aligning them to the solstices and equinoxes of every person. 


Day 10 - Stonehenge - the largest surviving stone circle in the world, a site where you sit in the seat of the Ancient Druids and learn about the stars in the way they taught. 


1 night in Tintagel


Day 11 – Travel to Tintagel. Dive into the Arthurian legends & Merlin, two days fit for any goddess or knight in search for the Holy Grail or Excalibur. We will drive through the lands of these legends and present the truth hidden in the landscape where dragons fly and crystals emerge from the ground where you will meet real earth energy workers. Tintagel Castle Island, we will place our feet in the exact spot where King Arthur himself was crowned, then travel down to the Cave of Merlin where he worked and initiated many druids.


2 nights in Glastonbury


Day 12 - We return to Glastonbury for Chalice Well, the Abbey, White Spring and more fun, pubs and music.


Day 13 – Day in Glastonbury – time to integrate, receive a healing by Melanie or Tor, some quiet time or shopping, closing ceremony. 


Day 14 – Morning breakfast and stroll 

Depart Heathrow Airport 

* Drop off at airport is 2pm. Schedule all flights out of Heathrow in the late afternoon or evening.

Registration includes:

Guided by Tor Webster for 14 days

Ground transportation and transfers

Accommodations and breakfasts

Meditations, Circles, Ceremonies, Rituals by Tor Webster and Melanie Ryan


Not included:

Lunch, dinner, drinks

Private Healings with Tor or Melanie

Personal Gifts

Admission to sites


Travel Insurance

Health Insurance


Single room occupancy:

Additional $450