Power Animals & Spirit Guides 

with Melanie Ryan, LCSW

Tuesday, January 26th

7:00pm-8:30pm EST

Weekly Drop in: $35

Venmo: @Melanie-Ryan-33 or Zelle:

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Do you love nature and feel the need to make changes in your life? Perhaps you are being called to the most ancient healing path known to mankind, the path of the shaman. This workshop series is for beginner and experienced people who would like to connect to their power animal and spirit guides. You can take the whole series or drop in as you are able. 


Shamans are healers and change-makers. They are the medicine men and women that live deeply connected to the natural world, the Earth, the elements and animals. Everything is seen as alive and with a spirit. Shamans have a power that enables them to understand and communicate with these spirits. They walk with one foot on the Earth and one foot in the spirit realm, acting as a messenger between the two to help humanity and the Earth prosper. 


We will explore Shamanism, the oldest healing practice known to mankind and the intuitive skills used by shamans for healing and wisdom. We will retrieve our power animal and other spirit guides to help us restore lost power, receive wisdom, guidance and healing.


When we work with power animals and spirit guides we live in harmony with the Earth and maintain good health. We have an increase in our psychic and intuitive intelligence, and feel a sense of deep love and peace within.