Mayan Day of Water Spirits

with Melanie Ryan



Tuesday, November 10th



Deadline to register: 5pm, 11/10

Exchange options: $22, $33, $44

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Today is 12 IMOX on the Mayan calendar. 


IMOX represents all water animals including the vast ocean of the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is a term coined by the famous Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung - who believed that the collective unconscious is a reservoir of knowledge, archetypes, symbols, and myths shared over time by all humans. 


Today’s number 12 represents knowledge, continuity of wisdom, teaching and understanding. In this evening event, we will journey to the collective unconscious along with our loving and supportive water spirit guides, to see what is held in the large currents beneath the surface into the collective unconscious and gain wisdom and understanding of ourselves and our role in the great global awakening. 


Melanie Ryan, LCSW is author of The Golden Shadow Method, a Path of Awakening Your Full Human Potential. She is a psychotherapist, Buddhist and shamanic teacher. Melanie uses Jungian, shamanic, and Buddhist techniques to awaken a deep remembering of who we are and what we are capable of.