Mayan Day of the Serpent Journey 

with Melanie Ryan

Wednesday, August 26th


Via tele-gathering

Energy Exchange: $22, $33, $44

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On the Mayan Sacred Calendar of Days, each day has its own energy. On this day, we work with the energy of the serpent or snake. We will use the ancient healing method of shamanic journeying to receive messages and healing. 

Across cultures and time, ancient civilizations view the serpent or snake as powerful symbols of medicine, even our own medical symbols here in the USA (the Greek caduceus and rod of Asklepius) have snakes wrapped around its staff.  

Snake “medicine” means we use the energy or spirit of the snake for healing. We look to how a snake behaves. It is very close to Mother Earth, its belly always on the ground and it lives in the soil or in the rocks of mountains. It is grounded. Snake also sheds its skin. It very easily releases what is old and no longer serves it. 

If you are in need of snake medicine, join us for this auspicious tele-gathering on the Mayan Day of the Serpent and open yourself to receive a powerful healing. 

***Must register by 5pm 8/26 and email MelanieRyanLCSW@gmail.com for instructions.