Journey to the Shadow Self

A Tele-gathering with Melanie Ryan 

Friday, April 24th


Registration Options: $22, $30, $36

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MUST REGISTER & EMAIL by April 24th 5pm

** Email MelanieRyanLCSW@gmail.com for tele-gathering instructions and call in number.

In Jungian psychology, the “Shadow” is a term used to describe the unconscious, buried parts of ourselves that have been lost or disowned. There are two sides to the Shadow: The Dark Shadow side defines our fears and unhealed wounds that are uncomfortable for us to see and feel, while our Golden Shadow side encompasses our greatest gifts, potential and creativity. Join us to discover which Shadow side is needing to be seen and heard for you now during this time of crisis. In this experiential workshop, we will shamanically journey to the dark and golden shadow sides to retrieve what is needed to help you move forward with a deeper sense of strength, clarity and wisdom. 


Melanie Ryan is a transpersonal psychotherapist, Buddhist and shamanic teacher who brings a deep knowledge of ancient wisdom, humor and authenticity to her teaching. She is founder of Ancient Wisdom Today, Inc. and has a private practice in Westchester County, NY. www.MelanieRyanLCSW.com