The Golden Shadow Method

The Path of Awakening

Your Full Human Potential

with Melanie Ryan, LCSW

Jungian Shadow Concepts


Saturday, October 17th


Online w/ Zoom

Registration: $99

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Are you ready to embrace the totality of who you are? 

Melanie Ryan has developed The Golden Shadow Method, a path of empowerment to awaken your unclaimed power, your strengths, talents, fearlessness, and ability to manifest your dreams. 

The famous Swiss psychiatrist and mystic, Carl Jung created the concept called “the Shadow” which he says is “all we are not conscious of.” The whole unconscious includes the duality of the positive and negative sides of our nature - all that we have disowned and forgotten. 

Now is our time to remember! ⭐️

We must embrace the totality of who we are and reclaim our greatest gifts! 

The Golden Shadow Method uses a humanistic approach which has its roots running from Socrates through the Renaissance. An approach that emphasizes the individual's inherent drive toward self-actualization, the process of realizing and expressing one's own capabilities and creativity.


The Humanistic View believes that people are inherently good. It adopts a holistic approach to human existence and pays special attention to creativity, free will, and positive human potential. It encourages viewing ourselves as a "whole person" greater than the sum of our parts and encourages self reflection and exploration.

Based on Melanie’s new book, “The Golden Shadow Method” to be launched Dec. 2020