Full Moon Community Shamanic Journey 

Tele-gathering with Melanie Ryan 

Thursday, June 4th 


Exchange options: $22 $33 $42

Register online or Venmo @Melanie-Ryan-33 

Join us for an evening of spiritual exploration as we dive into our souls to discover the deepest parts of our being using the ancient tool of shamanic journeying. 

With the support of the full moon and wind energy, we will work with Owl and Moon medicine. On this day, the Mayan Day of Wind, we invite the wind element and the winged ones to work with us. This powerful combination will help us fly deep into the shadows of our soul to reclaim, release and integrate those parts of ourselves that long to be healed. 

No experience necessary. 

Melanie Ryan is a holistic psychotherapist influenced by ancient and indigenous wisdom. Helping to heal the soul of individuals and communities, Melanie brings 25 years of experience as an international therapist, healer and teacher. She is owner of the educational organization Ancient Wisdom Today, Inc. www.AncientWisdomToday.com

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MUST REGISTER & EMAIL by June 4th 5pm. 

** Email MelanieRyanLCSW@gmail.com for tele-gathering instructions and call in number.