2021 Sacred Journey to Ancient Greece

with Melanie Ryan

Date TBA


Join International teacher Melanie Ryan for an immersion into the ancient Greek healing mysteries. 


This journey is for psychotherapists, doctors, healers and those who wish to learn and receive holistic healing. We will dive into the origins psychotherapy and holistic healing, as it was facilitated thousands of years ago, connecting us to the natural world, our souls and the ancient ancestors. 


We will be connecting to the lineage of holistic healing - receiving teachings and experiences of Asclepius, the Greek God of Medicine and Healing, Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi, Chiron the centaur who was the master of plant spirit medicine, and more! (We will keep some a surprise!).


Join us to learn the ancient methods of health and healing - integrate them into your healing profession, or come for a self healing immersion. 


This journey is “off the beaten path” - an authentic Greek retreat where we travel as locals. 


Registration opens July 1st 2019. 

Spaces are limited!!!

Small group of 8 people 


Melanie Ryan, LCSWR, SRMT

Melanie Ryan is an international psychotherapist and teacher of ancient wisdom and holistic health: Buddhism, Shamanism and Ancient Greek healing. She guides individuals to sacred places around the world for spiritual immersions, to connect with our ancestors of ancient times, and to reclaim wisdom for health and healing. Melanie is owner and founder of The Center for Health and Healing, a holistic health and learning center located in Mt. Kisco, NY.